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Social Media Influencers: The Main Source of News for Gen Z And Millennials

Social media influencers have become one of the main ways that Gen Z and Millennials learn about breaking news and what is happening in the world. Not only are these generations paying greater attention to their favorite creators’ takes on global events, but they also trust them more. These are the reasons that younger adults are ditching mass media news and relying on influencers instead. 


Viewers trust their favorite influencers more than mass media: Studies show that 60% of Millennials are more likely to take advice from an influencer than traditional media personalities.


YouTube reaches more 18–49-year-olds than all cable TV networks combined. Meaning more people this age are paying attention to what social media influencers have to say.

Uncensored Opinions

Most online influencers have nearly complete creative oversight on what they post. What they say and the issues they cover are not controlled by an outside force. News that influencers cover is often an uncensored opinion, opposed to mass media news that often leans to one side or another.

Variety of Sources

Important events are covered by creators that aren’t just focused on the news. Creators from all genres take to social media to post their thoughts and opinions, which spreads breaking news at the same time.

Rapid Source of Information

When someone refers to offline channels, they typically are referencing linear television or terrestrial radio. Direct tracking is straight forward for these channels and spike or spot time attribution is utilized to measure attribution breakage and supplement the direct signal. For spike attribution, ad spots within these channels run at a certain time and advertisers can make assumptions to which ads drove the activity based on response or decay curves occurring right after the ad running.

By now, we’ve all witnessed these ways in which different generations consume information from their devices. It’s no surprise that social media influencers are now revolutionizing the way the news travels on these platforms. From their trusted opinions to their diverse perspectives and rapid delivery of information, influencers have become necessary sources in today’s digital age. Havas Edge is fascinated by the evolving media landscape and excited to help brands navigate this new terrain.

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