Reaching Profitable Scale with Hispanic Marketing

Extended Reach

Imagine yourself in Time Square looking all around you, it is a visual overload experience (not to mention the crowds). Now imagine yourself driving down a highway and seeing a couple of attractive and catchy billboards along your ride. That is Hispanic advertising. While everyone is fighting and paying premiums to get more space, with louder sounds, brighter lights and bigger billboards in Time Square, only a select few are advertising along the highway.  

 A drive-to-app client came to us because they were trying to find ways to extend their reach, the competition in their space is very aggressive and with already hefty media investment dollars, they needed to find new ways to extend their audience fast. Hispanic Television provided a great opportunity to extend their reach at very cost-efficient levels. If we would have tried to obtain the same incremental reach levels that our Spanish media plan was delivering through English media, the investment would have been 3x greater than the Spanish investment. Hispanic media delivers an unduplicated and under-served audience, and like the highway analogy, the road is wide-open.  

Efficiencies & Scale 

Spanish DRTV delivers significant efficiencies across top-of-the-funnel and lower-funnel metrics. A fully integrated Spanish campaign can help create big wins. 

A medical client for our agency had been looking at ways to increase patient volume. By identifying the U.S. Hispanic demographic and testing through Long Form and Short Form Spanish television, we were able to open a new line of business that now represents 55% of their annual marketing budget. The Spanish campaign has outperformed the English in both top and bottom-funnel metrics. Spanish is no longer a “nice-to-have” but a “must-have” for our client and they have grown into becoming a recognized multi-channel and culturally relevant brand.  

The beauty category is one of the strongest categories in Hispanic performance marketing. A client in this category was reluctant to consider a Hispanic direct-to-consumer strategy due to their misconception of the consumer’s purchasing power, their online behaviors, and the general media penetration levels among this demographic. With a phased testing strategy, we were able to determine that the Hispanic consumer was a profitable and loyal customer. Since then, they have developed a bilingual approach to their customer touch-points, they have created and invested in Hispanic culture and language centric messaging and have become a leader in their category.  

First Mover Advantage & Loyalty 

You’ve heard the saying “the early bird gets the worm.” In México we say “Camarón que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente,” and this is tried and true in Hispanic marketing. We are hungry for recognition and inclusion, and we are ready to open our wallets for the right product, service or cause. Become a true leader in your category and take advantage of the loyal Hispanic consumer by incorporating a Hispanic marketing campaign that will connect with the audience the right way.  

For the longest time, the industry thought that Hispanics only made charitable contributions through their religious practices. When a client challenged us to build a scalable campaign that would yield new donors, Spanish media was at the top of the priority list. Hispanic direct marketing grew to become the top acquisition channel for new donors and has delivered significant scale and business growth with budgets growing annually since the launch. Others since then have followed, but the trust and loyalty they have built with this demographic is bulletproof. 

Consider connecting with this consumer and building a relationship sooner rather than later to support your brand’s long-term success. We are growing in population size, wealth and purchasing power and yet, the market continues to be under-served.