RAMP : Revenue Attribution Modeling Platform

Our Revenue Attribution Modeling Platform (RAMP) has been built with the latest MarTech and machine learning algorithms, which enable RAMP to constantly custom-fit itself to each campaign’s specific media and response patterns. Furthermore, each RAMP deployment is regularly validated against a holdout dataset to ensure predictive accuracy.


RAMP’s effectiveness is also due to its foundation in big data. Edge’s 24/7 monitoring of television viewership across more than 22 million households enables RAMP to perform its attribution calculations at the local market level, while observing Edge’s commitment to statistically significant sample sizes. And that’s just the beginning – RAMP’s terabytes of audience viewership data are further enriched with 29 years of proprietary media data housed in our VantEdge Point® system, making RAMP’s data foundation a truly unique resource in the media industry.


The results? RAMP-enabled optimizations regularly deliver double-digit improvements in media efficiency.