Interview with our Influencer Marketing Team

We gathered our top minds to answer your top questions.

Sit down with our Influencer Marketing experts, Rachael and Luke, in this video as they discuss a few burning questions and learn about this exciting space on “Inside Influencer”!

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How QR Codes are Impacting the Future of Advertising

Check out this QR-ticle on the latest advancements in Ad Tech!

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The Edge of Influence Part 3: Breaking News

In part three of our series, discover how Influencers have become the main source of news to Gen Z and Millennials.

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The Edge of Influence Part 2: The History of Influencer

In part two of our series, we cover the history of influencer marketing. Find out everything from how The Beatles and Oprah impacted mainstream culture, to the early days of social media, to how the next generation of influencers are creating entire communities in 2022 and beyond.

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The Edge of Influence Part 1: The Growth of Influencer

We are excited to announce that we will be doing an informative series on Influencer Marketing! In part one of our new series, our SVP of Influencer Marketing, Luke Slota breaks down everything you need to know about Youtube Influencer marketing in six quick slides.

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Reaching Your ROI Goals in 2022 Using Integrated Campaigns

Check out our article on the rise of digital media during the pandemic and the importance of developing fully integrated campaigns!

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Choice Theory: How The Number Of Choices We Have Influences Our Decisions

Too much? Too little? Or just right? Have you wondered before about how many choices you should be offering your customers?

We broke down choice theory into a brief overview to start that exact conversation. Check out these slides to learn about how the number of choices available to your customers affects their decisions!

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2021 Media Year in Review

Is your New Year’s Resolution to shake up your advertising strategy? We put together some 2021 media observations and 2022 predictions that will allow you to stay ahead of the curve next year!

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Influencer Expert Luke Slota Joins Havas Edge as SVP of Influencer Marketing

We are excited to Announce that Luke Slota has joined our team as Senior Vice President of Influencer Marketing. He is an accomplished marketer and will be launching a new Influencer offering to add to our expansive list of integrated channels available at Havas Edge.

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Havas Edge Announces the Promotion of Abed Abusaleh to CEO

Abed Abusaleh will be promoted to co-CEO with the founder, and current CEO, Steve Netzley effective immediately. Over the course of 2020, Steve will be transitioning more fully into his position as Global CEO of the Edge Performance Network (EPN) overseeing and leading Havas Edge as well as the other agencies within the EPN.

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